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Cipes at the 2018 Florida Supercon
Gregory Michael Cipes

(1980-01-04) January 4, 1980 (age 42)
Years active2002–present
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Gregory Michael Cipes[1] (born January 4, 1980) is an American actor. He was a cast member in the reality television program Twentyfourseven and had recurring roles in MDs and Peacemakers. His voice acting roles include Beast Boy in Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! and Young Justice: Outsiders, Chiro in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Kevin Levin in Ben 10, and Michelangelo in the 2012 edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Early life

Cipes was born in Coral Springs, Florida on January 4, 1980.[1] Growing up, he was an avid surfer who won several competitions, eventually ranking to #3 in junior surfing.[2]


Cipes voices Beast Boy in the animated television series Teen Titans and Kevin Levin in Ben 10 and also the voice of Stinkfly in the Ben 10 reboot media franchise. He reprised the role of Beast Boy in the spin-off series Teen Titans Go!, as well as the video games Teen Titans, the video game adaption of the series, and the online game DC Universe Online. He voiced Atlas in the Astro Boy anime series in 2003, as well as Chiro in the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! in 2004. He is also referred to in the comic Teen Titans Go #26 as a stunt double named Craig Snipes. In 2012, he began working on Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles voicing Michelangelo.[3] He also voiced Tu in The Legend of Korra.[4]

Four of his roles have love interests who are voiced by Ashley Johnson (Terra in Teen Titans, Jinmay in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10 and Renet in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Cipes has made numerous appearances in television, in both commercials and television programs. He was one of seven friends in the MTV reality show Twentyfourseven. Cipes made some guest appearances on One on One as Butter, one of Arnaz Ballard's band members. He guest starred on House M.D. in the episode Family as a cane salesman. He has made appearances in the television series Gilmore Girls, in the season four episode "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out", and Deadwood. Cipes has also guest starred in an episode of Ghost Whisperer in the episode "Love Still Won't Die". He appeared as a freegan in the Bones season six episode "The Body and the Bounty". He also played a man who camps out in Roseanne's yard in her series Roseanne's Nuts. From 2009 to 2018, he appeared in a recurring role as Chuck, Mike Heck's freewheeling co-worker, in the ABC television series, The Middle.

Cipes is the front man for the reggae/hip-hop band Cipes and the People. The band has developed a following in Southern California, and other parts of the United States and Asia. Their first album, Conscious Revolution, was released by High Valley Entertainment on September 18, 2007. The song "Rescue" on the band's 2007 debut release Conscious Revolution features teenage pop star Jesse McCartney. Cipes also works as a singer in clubs in Los Angeles. He has released music videos for the songs "Fade Away", "Free Me", and "Oh Why Oh Why (Greg Cipes and Jah Sun)".

Cipes was the announcer for Cartoon Network from July to October 2008. In April 2017, he and Kevin Coulston created a new animated political parody impov series on Kickstarter, called A Fowl American. The story takes place on Planet Earth, where humanity has been wiped out. Animals rule the land, but President Rump, a parody of the 45th United States President, Donald Trump, is determined to repeat history.

Personal life

Beginning when he was eight, Cipes has eaten a vegetarian diet.[5] In 2009, he became vegan.[6] He identifies as a "Christian Jew".[7] Cipes is a survivor of skin cancer.[2]


Voice-over roles


List of voice performances in animation
2003–2006Teen TitansBeast Boy, Adonis, French Chef[8]
2003All Grown Up!J.R.Ep. "Tweenage Tycoons"[8]
2003Justice LeagueJackEp. "Wild Cards" Parts 1 & 2[8]
2003Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?Ep. "Summer Camp/Rules of Dating"[8]
2004–2007Astro BoyDaichi / AtlasEnglish dub[8]
2004Father of the PrideOrangatan3 episodes[8]
2004–2006Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!Chiro, Glenny, Teen with Braces, Robo Ape #1, Chira, Chiroo, Chiro Spider, Chiro Blob, Citizen #2First main protagonist to be voiced by Cipes[8]
2005Totally Spies!Dean3 episodes[8]
2008–2010Ben 10: Alien ForceKevin Levin, Forever Knight #4, Teenager, Kid #2[8]
2010Kick Buttowski: Suburban DaredevilHorace, Emo Kid[8]
2010–2012Ben 10: Ultimate AlienKevin Levin, Exasperated Guy, Robotic Guard, Forever Knight 1 (2), Car Computer, Boy, Student[8]
2011–2013Fish HooksSteve Jackson8 Episodes[8]
2012Generator RexSly TylerEp. Rock My World[8]
2012–2017Ultimate Spider-ManDanny Rand / Iron Fist, Robot, Man (2), Cop (2), Excited Girl #2, Midtown Kid[8]
2012–2014The Legend of KorraTu, Mako & Bolin's Cousin[8]
2012–2016Gravity FallsCraz[8]
2012–2014Ben 10: OmniverseKevin Levin, Kevin Levin (Young), Future Kevin, Grick, Possessed Adult[8]
2012–2017Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMichaelangelo, Rodriguez, Lil' Rineo, Pizza Delivery Boy, Michelangelo (Baby), Michelangelo (Young), Michelangelo (Old)[8]
2012Star Wars: The Clone WarsZatt4 episodes[9]
2012The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying OrangeJoey the CarrottEp. "Generic Holiday Special"[8]
2012Generator RexSlyEp. "Rock My World"[8]
2013–presentTeen Titans Go!Beast Boy, Puppet Wizard, Gumdrop Goblin, Virus, Boy Beast, Turtle 1, Soccer Troll, Chuck, Dad, Lumino, Meaty, Male Statue, Greg Cipes, Alien Voice, Growler, Ghost #1, Handsome Silkie, Worker Bee #2, Male Dating Show Contestant, Richard Nixon, Professor (2), Kensington, Book Wizard, Kensington's Evil Twin Brother, Starro[8]
2013Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum OverloadIron Fist[8]
2014Robot ChickenMichelangelo, Dwork, LudEp. "Super Guitario Center"[8]
2014The Fairly OddParentsChester McBadbat (voice; uncredited)Ep. "Dimmsdale Tales"
2014Robot and MonsterVapid MilquetoastEp. "Monster Hit"[8]
2015–2018The Adventures of Puss in BootsBrandt[8]
2016The Loud HouseLuke[8]
2016–2019Star vs. the Forces of EvilTad, Headphone Jones, Aaron Dominic[8]
2018Mighty MagiswordsNoel Trobblin, Frog Monster, Evil Tree 6[8]
2016Ben 10Stinkfly, Kevin Levin, Wreckingbolt, Bootleg, Cyrstal Fist, Hot Shot, Quad Smack, Rush, Bashmouth, Skunkmoth, Thornblade, Dark Matter, Undertow, Goatadactyl, Clown 3, Kid 2 (1), Guy 2 (2), Guy (4), Samurai Chef, Buddy House Computer, Man, Kitten Guy, Robot Butler, Kid 2 (3), Kevin (Young), Egyptian Guy 2, Robot (2), Radio Voice 1, Kyle (2), Guy 1 (3), Cop 1 (2), Henchman 1 (2), Henchman 2 (2), Balloon Bear, Judge 3, Guy 2 (3), Monster Kevin 1, Monster Kevin 2, Officer 1 (2), Baby 1, Wreckingbolt (Baby)[8]
2016–2019Milo Murphy's LawMort[8]
2018Avengers AssembleIron FistEp. "The Immortal Weapon"[8]
2019Young Justice: OutsidersBeast Boy
2019–2020Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesS.H.E.L.L.D.O.N5 episodes
2020DuckTalesVero2 episodes
2020Cleopatra in SpaceCyranoEp. Cyrano


List of voice performances in films
2005Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! the Movie: The I, Chiro SagaChiro, Glenny
2006The WildRyan[8]
2006Teen Titans: Trouble in TokyoBeast Boy[8]
2016Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City BreakoutBeast Boy[8]
2016DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the YearBeast Boy[8]
2016TrollandOppenhop, Flint, Klorg[8]
2017DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic GamesBeast Boy, Iron[8]
2017Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Brain DrainBeast Boy[8]
2018Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain HighBeast Boy[8]
2018Teen Titans Go! To the MoviesBeast Boy[10]
2019Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen TitansBeast Boy[11]
2020Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The MovieKevin 11 (as Bashmouth, Crystalfist, Rush, Hot shot, Dark Matter, Quad Smack, Bootleg)
2021Teen Titans Go! See Space JamBeast Boy

Video games

List of voice performances in video games
2003True Crime: Streets of LAAdditional voices[12]
2005Teen TitansBeast Boy[8]
2007Hot Shots TennisCody[8]
2008Ben 10: Alien ForceKevin Levin[8]
2009Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax AttacksKevin Levin[8]
2010Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic DestructionKevin Levin[8]
2011Ben 10: Galactic RacingKevin Levin[8]
2013Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesMichaelangelo[8]
2014Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the OozeMichaelangelo[8]
2016Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Portal PowerMichaelangelo[8]
2018Lego DC Super-VillainsBeast Boy[13]
2020Ben 10: Power TripKevin Levin

Live-action roles


List of acting performances in film
2004Club DreadTrevorResume
2004Ring of DarknessGordoIMDb
2005Stress, Orgasms, and SalvationWaterResume
2005Kathy TCurtisResume
2006The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting DownDrunk DriverResume
2006Simon SaysZackResume
2006John Tucker Must DieGuy at Party #4Resume
2006National Lampoon's Pledge This!ReedResume
2008The Onion MovieHippie DiplomantResume
2008Killer PadVanceResume
2009Fast & FuriousDwight MuellerResume
2015UnfriendedBarking DogUncredited


List of acting performances in television
2002MDsTannerRecurring role, 10 episodesResume
2003Gilmore GirlsBrennon LewisEpisode "Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out"Resume
2003PeacemakersWill JohnstonRecurring roleResume
2004DeadwoodMiles AndersonEpisodes: "Bullock Returns to the Camp" and "Suffer the Little Children"Resume
2004One on OneButter/Jesse8 episodesResume
2005–07Ghost WhispererJamey BartonEpisodes: "The Crossing", "Love Still Won't Die" and "The Gathering"Resume
2006TwentyfoursevenGregReality television series, as himself, cast member[14]
2006Cold CaseGreg WellsEpisode: "Saving Sammy"Resume
2007RainesHunterEpisode: "Stone Dead"Resume
2007House M.D.Cane SalesmanEpisode: "Family"Resume
2007Without a TraceWayneEpisode: "Two of Us"Resume
2009Nite Tales: The SeriesSurferEpisode: "Trapped"Resume
2009Samantha Who?Street MusicianEpisode: "The Rock Star"Resume
2010–18The MiddleChuckRecurring role (13 episodes)
2010True BloodBufort NorrisEpisodes: "Night on the Sun", "Evil Is Going On"Resume

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